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: Jun 2017
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If the person is not caring, but disturbing rather

Just Leave him, and dont be sad about it ever

There are substitutes in the people, it is relief to avoid

despite his rudeness have patience for the loved

All you love deeply do not love you back truly

And not all you prefer most prefer you reciprocally

If the essence of love is not pretty natural

No good in an affection which is artificial

There is no good in a friend who is deceiving

And treats harshly just after being loving

Who denies too the life previously accepted

Disclosing secrets kept yesterday enclosed

Good bye to the world, if there is no one

As a true good friend who is just and open

When my heart hardened and my ways narrowed
My hope of your forgiveness towards You was my approach

I greatened my sin, yet when I compare it with your forgiveness
My Lord your forgiveness was greater

Yet, You forgive sins and still
Generously and gracefully bestow and forgive


Were it not for You, no worshipper would withstand Satan
How and he already has lured your chosen Adam

*** ǿ
Alas! Would I be lead to paradise then I am a fortunate
Or a remorse to hell I am lead

Indeed not despaired if You avenged me
Or into the core of hell You brought my soul

And if You forgive me, a mutinous You forgive
A wrongful unfair pitiless criminal

He remembers the past youth days
And what crimes of ignorance were committed

Then, when the dark spread out
Fearfully he mourns himself

Saying my beloved You are my request and wish
Sufficient You are for the hopeful to ask and gain

Were not You who fed me and guided me?1
And still, You give me generously and bless me

May You, to Whom my charity belongs, forgive me my faults,1
Pardon my sins and what came before.1


How capable is Allah! For the one acquainted with lament,1
blood almost flows from his eyelids due to the excess of his emotions


Eloquent when he makes mention of his Lord
And in the mention of others than Him, he is speechless


And so for the whole of his day, the companion of grief has become
the brother of sleeplessness and secret conversation when the night darkens


My sins seemed very great to me, so I turned (to You) in humility
Were it not for my contentment in you, I wouldnt, O my Lord, have seen any comfort at all


For my crimes are great, past and present
But Your forgiveness comes to the servant, more exalted and more great


The bounty of Allaah surrounds me from all sides
And Light from the Most Merciful has spread in the sky


And in the heart is the radiance of the beloved when he is reunited
And when glad tidings draw close, it becomes feverish


Exhilaration surrounds me, only for Allaah
It overlooks me in the darkness of the grave, apparent and clear


I protect my love, lest my desires should pollute it
And I preserve the contract of love, lest it be defiled


In my wakefulness is yearning and in my slumber is destiny
Thats pursuing my footsteps in ecstasy


Whoever holds fast to Allaah, he is protected from men
And whoever hopes for Him, then never will he regret