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09-16-2016 01:43 PM

According to IBNA correspondent, quoting from the website of Miras-e Maktoub (Written Heritage) Research Center, the first Dictionary of Traditional Medicine compiled by Mohmmad Reza Tavakoli Saberi and Zahra Sinaei (Rahil) was released by Moein Publications and introduced to the Iranian traditional medicine book market. The dictionary contains words which were used in the past and are also used currently.

The terminology used in this dictionary includes medications, diseases, therapies, biography of traditional medicine doctors and pharmacists of Iran, as well as those from Arab and European countries together with the index of their books and a complete set of herbs and natural products and their multiple names in Persian, Arabic, English and Latin.
All prefixes and suffixes of medical terms in Persian, Arabic, English, Greek and Latin are introduced in this dictionary. The names come from traditional sources such as Qanun, Al-Hawi, Makhzanol Advieh, Zakhireh-ye Kharazmshahi and Bayan al Teb.
The first dictionary of Traditional Medicine is published with a print run of 550 copies in 728 pages.

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